Radiation Safety Training- How the Healthcare Industry can Improve Radiation safety


If proper measures can be taken then there are numerous ways that healthcare facilities can implement for the improvements of radiation safety. The very first step which needs to be implemented by the professionals working with or around the radiation zone that includes physicians, technologists, equipment operators, nurses, as well as anesthesiologists, by taking Radiation Safety Training. 

Many might argue and present a lack of time during working hours for this, but it must be a priority. Training may not help but it will result in an improvement to make safer use of radiation. 

It is vital to foster good communication in the healthcare team and make sure that everyone is clear about the concept of radiation safety in regards to the job he/she is handling. Nurses, as well as technologists, need to be encouraged to speak up if in case, they feel concerned regarding safety practices. Physicians also need to be kept aware that the support staff working with them need to speak up, and that whatever they say and share as concerns need to be considered and never to get ignored.

Dose reduction needs to be an important point to consider because the radiation may scatter from the patient creating serious exposure to the workers. Controlling the patient dose, will, in turn, offer benefits for the workers as well as for the patients. Basic Radiation Safety Training covers minimizing of fluoroscopy duration besides the number of fluoroscopic images. Apart from this, there are several positional as well as equipment-related radiation safety features which needs full knowledge not just for the equipment, but also the properties of the radiation.

Are you the owner of a hospital or even the management member who takes care of related internal matters about the workforce, staff, technicians, and Patients? Are you looking to offer Training on Radiation Safety to professionals in your hospital? Get in touch with the experts of D.L.P. Services, Inc is known for offering a safety training class named, “Basic Radiation Safety Seminar. It is a recognized class by the California Radiological Health Department as the manufacturer training. Keep your team and patients safe from Radiation with this training. 


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