A brief on the advantages and disadvantages associated with Preventive Maintenance


Are you planning to go for preventive maintenance services CA for your company? If that is true then it’s great but here, we must request you to know about the advantages that you will gain by opting for this service. Well, the primary benefit in regards to preventive maintenance is reliability. If you keep each asset in good condition with timely repair, then chances are quite less to break down, and ultimately you get less downtime across the life of the asset. You need to understand the reality that PM is not for every case the right choice for every unit of equipment. In many cases, the costs related to preventive maintenance reduce the expected benefits on the older or the assets which are less critical. 

So, let’s note the advantages first:

  • Reduces equipment downtime
  • Less number of interruptions to be experienced in critical operations
  • Enhanced asset life
  • Improved efficiency 
  • Enhancement in the level of workplace safety as well as improved compliance with OSHA

If you are hiring a preventive maintenance services company the main job for them will be to implement preventative maintenance plan leading to saving overtime of assets as it last longer, consume less energy, and leads to fewer interruptions in the processes.

Now you are aware of the advantages, and it’s time to know the disadvantages. 

  • Immediate expenditure for costs of preventive maintenance and keeping equipment maintained regularly requires a little bit of some investment
  • More labor-intensive, and there will be an increase in cost due to more than enough staff on hand
  • Potential towards over-maintenance which means too much maintenance leading to excess cost

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