Corrective Maintenance, D.L.P. Services, Inc

D.L.P. Services, Inc has vast experience in the industry for different manufacturers of nuclear gauged equipment. Service offered for the different manufacturers includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Troubleshooting for proper process outputs.
  • Testing electronics of detectors.
  • Testing for proper functionality of shutter door assemblies.
  • If any problems occur, D.L.P. Services, Inc. is licensed to perform repairs on shutter door assemblies.
  • D.L.P. Services, Inc. offers licensed service for the proper installation of nuclear sources,
  • the appropriate removal of nuclear sources,
  • the compliant relocation of nuclear sources,
  • the proper packaging for shipment of nuclear sources for disposal,
  • the proper wipe test of nuclear sources and
  • proper inspection and inventory of nuclear sources.

D.L.P. Services, Inc. are current with all required certifications and license such as License from the California Radiological Health Branch (CRHB), all ISNetworld policy and procedure requirements with the and “A” rating, all insurance requirements for existing customers and annual re-certification for maintaining radiation license. All testing equipment carry current calibrations as well as current Dosimeter reports indicating employee exposures. D.L.P. Services, Inc. is also licensed to provide a 4 hour “Basic Radiation Safety Seminar” the state of California accepts as manufacture training. D.L.P. Services, Inc. works very close with operation, I&E shop, Reliability and Health and Safety Department for all work involving nuclear gauged equipment. D.L.P. Services, Inc. has been added to emergency response policies involving nuclear gauges and offers a go between for our customers and any manufacture the customer is working.

As our customers Nuclear Liaison, D.L.P. Services, Inc. has offered support for assisting manufactures and engineers in proper applications of our customers current needs. D.L.P. Services, Inc. also provides internal audits of safety records, surveys and wipe test completed. Along with internal audit support, availability is also made for assistance during actual audits. One of the most important commitments D.L.P. Services, Inc. makes to their contracted customers is 24hour emergency service. This means a D.L.P. Services, Inc. representative will be onsite no later then 24hours from declared emergency.