Preventive Maintenance, D.L.P Services, Inc.

D.L.P. Services, Inc. provides preventive maintenance unique for each customer and at minimum will include the following checks: Inspection of detector; bundles; conduit; surrounding insulation and brackets. In addition, customers have benefitted from:

  • Including downloads of configurations and registering listings.
  • Evaluation of process outputs compared to measured outputs for each indication gauge for the duration of the preventive maintenance frequency.
  • Monitoring of Temperature readings for all gauges and bundles at highest operation temperature of process.
  • Verification nuclear source is in proper orientation and beam pattern present during normal operations.
  • Listings and all documentation presented to operations and maintenance upon completion of preventive maintenance.
  • Comprehensive communications of any issues found and presented to operations and maintenance and when necessary to the safety department, in the interest to anticipating and preventing downtime.